Dealing with Food Sensitivities

Food sensitivities and intolerances can create difficulties for many parents when planning their child’s diet. Fortunately, there are supplements that can assist with digestion of many of these problems. These supplements contain enzymes known to assist in breaking down these substances that can cause problems for those sensitive to them. These enzymes can also ease pain and discomfort often associated with such issues.


This enzyme is created from fungal proteases to help with digestion of food proteins. Normally, when gluten and casein are digested, with the presence of pancreatic enzymes, they create exorphin peptides that are easily absorbed into the small intestine. AFP-Peptizyde helps this digestion of casein, gluten and other food proteins by changing the cleavage pattern to stop exorphin peptides are not produced. This can eliminate the effects caused by this absorption.

Zyme Prime

Zyme Prime is an enzyme blend of 9 different natural enzymes. These enzymes help to breakdown complex carbohydrates and triglyeride fats. They also aid in the digestion of starches and proteins. This product can assist in reducing gas production and bloating. It has also been beneficial in easing the effects of lactose intolerance, as well as other digestion intolerances. There have also been notably weight gain in under-sized children. It has been suggested that this increase was due to the greater bioavalability of nutrients in the food they ate due to the better digestion.


This product assists in digestion of fruits and vegetables in children with sensitivities to the polyphenolic compounds produced by plant material. This enzyme helps to remove the carbohydrate groups from the phenols, allowing better absorption and metabolization of the phenols. This product allows parents to add fruit and vegetables back into their phenol-sensitive child’s diet.

Each of these enzyme supplements can have benefits for a child with sensitivities. However, it can difficult and costly to ensure a child takes all of these supplements as needed. Fortunately, trienza capsules are available. These capsules combine all three products into one convenient capsule. This can save costs and stress for the parent. It can also allow the child to enjoy his or her mealtime.

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