The Essentials of Subscriptions – Breaking Down the Basics

What is a Subscription Business?

Providing exclusive access to a certain service or product is the primary concept of Subscription Box Society. Actually, this said model was first started by newspapers and magazines but in this modern time, there are now many sites and businesses as well that are making the most of it.

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Rather than selling products one by one, subscription sells periodically either yearly, monthly or seasonal use or access to a product or service. Membership fees of some types of organizations such as trade unions are otherwise known as subscription too. Industries that are using this model consist of mail order books sales clubs, music sales clubs, satellite television providers with pay TV channels, telephone companies, satellite radio, cell phone companies, software providers, websites, internet providers and the likes. Truth is, there are shave subscription services you can have today. If you feel skeptical about this, you may want to read dollar shave club reviews.

The renewal of subscription might be activated automatically and periodic so by that, the cost of new period is paid automatically by preauthorized credit to a checking account or charged to a credit card. Common models on websites which is now becoming known widely is the freemium model that offers one tier of free content. On the other hand, this has restriction to the premium features where paying subscribers can enjoy. There are various categories of subscription similar to paid circulation, non paid circulation and controlled circulation whether you believe it or not.

In relation to collection of services or unlimited use of service subscription, it can be under specific situation, for one time service, personal and non transferable.

There is also the pay as you go type of subscription to which you have to periodically buy products. This is known otherwise as convenience model because customers even they don’t remember what the product is will be delivered to them routinely. As a matter of fact, the Dollar Shave Club is among the companies that have popularized this particular model.

As an example, the subscription for a rail pass by companies may not individualized but it could enable all the employees working for that company to utilize the service. Talking about luxury services and goods with unlimited services, you will hardly find websites that are providing this form of subscription.

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