Getting 15-Year Old Ink Removed from My Arm

I got my first tattoo before I was legally able to. It is not hard to find a tattoo artist that will ink you for cash no questions asked. That is not a safe thing to do. I was assured the guy was good. I must admit that the tattoo looked great when I was 15, but it does not look good now that I am 30. He must have used cheap inks as they have migrated into each other. The clean crisp lines are now muddled. I looked up medical aesthetics in Singapore to find a place that could help me get rid of my first and only tattoo.

It was on my forearm and wrapped around. I have to use my arms and hands a lot while working, and I was worried that the process would make my arm too sore to move. I did not have any difficulty with the removal process. I had it done a little at a time. It was not a problem for me. I was just happy to see the ink slowly disappearing on my arm. Then, watching the redness go away and not seeing any scarring was great. It took a little while, but now the process is done and my skin is all healed. You cannot see that I had a tattoo on my arm. I can detect the slightest discoloration that is fading more as time goes on. I was told I could expect to see a tattoo removal result that is 100 percent.

I like it when I notice my arm now and there is no longer a tattoo there. I imagine that tattoo removal is big business now. I kind of projected that it would happen as getting ink was becoming a popular thing for people of all ages to do. Looking back I wish I never got mine. Live and learn I guess.

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