I Finally Got a Chance to Do What I Hoped for with My Company

I was pretty envious when various colleagues kept getting picked to go overseas to work out of one of our satellite offices. Finally, and very much out of the blue, the CEO came to me and explained that a managerial position had opened up there, and he wanted me to go within weeks! He said that they already had a residence waiting for me at the Singapore New Futura and he also said that it was mine if I chose to pack everything up and get there within two weeks. My head was spinning. I’m not married and don’t have kids, but two weeks is a pretty short time. I got over my hesitation and told him that I would do it.

Two weeks doesn’t give you much time to get everything in order when you have years of belongings to deal with. I had next to no time to sort through anything to get rid of things that I didn’t want to drag overseas. My first step was to simply grab the thing small number of things that I knew that I couldn’t do without on a daily basis. I put everything else in storage where I knew it would all be safe until I could sort through it at some point in the future. I wanted to bring clothes, my favorite electronics, some family mementos and some of my favorite books with me.

I had tried many times to secure a position at our Singapore office and didn’t have any luck for a number of years. When my CEO came to me about it, I was pretty stunned. He’d mentioned to me that they always knew they wanted me there, but they needed to wait until the right position for me opened up. It took three years for that to finally happen, but that’s okay.

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