Make Sure to Taste Moonshine at Least Once in Your Life

Head to any local bar and the sheer amount of alcoholic beverages available could be surprising. Hard liquor, mixed drinks, beer and wine are all readily available. But there’s one thing that doesn’t usually make much of an appearance out in public but still delivers the content and taste that many people crave: moonshine. There’s a lot of appeal to trying something that not only has an interesting past, but also walks the fine line of legality. According to some experts, it is illegal to make, sell, or distribute moonshine. But most agree that consuming it isn’t. So if any moonshine passes by at a party or an event, it’s something worth trying at least one.

At one time, moonshine, said to be named for smugglers, often called moonrakers, was legal. But soon several things worked against the beverage to bring things to a halt. A movement of people believed that consuming any type of alcohol was wrong and many states made laws that made it illegal to make or consume alcoholic beverages. At the same time, the United States was looking for a way to bring in some revenue and taxing alcohol seemed like a great idea. Instead of giving up completely, or paying taxes on their revenue, people just started making moonshine and selling it under the radar.

Today, laws still prohibit the making of moonshine without the correct type of permit. However, there are still many that pursue the dream of making moonshine on their property and distributing it around. Moonshine isn’t something that you can order at a local restaurant. It isn’t something on the menu at most bars. Just the fact that it’s hard to find makes it well worth trying out. It might take some time and a little bit of research, but chances are, there’s a way to track down a mason jar filled with the good stuff.

In addition to the illegal allure and the opportunity to try something unusual, moonshine comes in a variety of flavors and tastes. This isn’t going to be something easily forgettable. And, if all else fails and you can’t find it anywhere else, there’s always the option of picking up the equipment and trying your hand at making it yourself. For more information on moonshine, check out

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