5 Reasons to Replace a Home’s Windows

Unlike a home’s doors, it is easy to disregard issues with the windows. If the panes of glass aren’t completely shattered, a homeowner may miss minor issues that are hidden behind blinds, shutters, and drapes. Similarly, if the home’s HVAC system is extremely effective, it’s easy to forget a malfunctioning latch. There are many reasons to seek Home Window Replacement Atlanta, and some of the biggest are listed below.

They’re Hard to Open and Close

Unless a window is strictly decorative, it should easily open and close. When there’s a minor obstruction or a broken piece, it’s typically easy to fix. However, if the problem can’t be resolved cheaply and quickly, there’s no real reason to continue dealing with it.

They Have Irreparable Damage

If the homeowner finds it hard to clean up water stains or scuffs, it may be time for new windows; this also applies to warped and chipped sections. If the glass finish is irreparably damaged, the window should be replaced because problems will only get worse with time.

Energy Efficiency

Even if old single-pane windows are crystal clear, a homeowner should still consider newer, energy-efficient replacement windows for their better insulation. If a room in the home is in direct sunlight for most of the day, new windows can be particularly beneficial during summer. Proper insulation can block sound, which is useful in a noisy area.


Whether it’s a bedroom, bathroom or kitchen, home renovations can suffer from poor windows. Depending on the nature of the job, the windows’ style can help or hurt the design. Window installations are often easier during extensive renovations, and in some cases, the placement can be entirely changed.

Property Value

Like other home improvements, new windows can increase a home’s value. If the owner hasn’t encountered any of the issues listed here, but they’re thinking of selling the home in the future, they can consult a real estate agent and a window installer for information on the value of replacement windows.

While windows are designed to last for years, they do need regular maintenance and occasional replacement. To learn more about adding new windows to a home, call a local installer today.

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